dead link checker - blog: December 2016

Wednesday 7 December 2016

How sharp is your deadlink checking tool?

If you’re told it’s the best one for the job in hand, then it must be …right?

Well, maybe not.

Introducing, the resource for checking dead link checkers.

It’s common knowledge that in today’s highly competitive online market, maintaining a healthy website is essential to keeping it search engine friendly and to keeping visitors engaged.

According to Moz, “Usability and user experience are second order influences on search engine ranking success. They provide an indirect but measurable benefit to a site’s external popularity, which the engines can then interpret as a signal of higher quality.”

On the surface, a couple of dead links might not seem like a big issue, and in the SEO world there’s some debate about their impact, but they can affect rankings by having a negative effect on usability. Changes in user behaviour due to broken links could result in the search engines assuming that visitors are not being given quality content – thereby lowering rankings.