dead link checker - blog: September 2016

Friday 9 September 2016

5 Monthly Website Maintenance Tips for Ecommerce Sites

website maintenance – Apple computer and calendar
Image from Unsplash

Your ecommerce website is like your digital store front. And just like you tidy your store and keep it up to date to impress customers, your site requires regular maintenance to keep attracting visitors.

From SEO to paid search, it’s likely that you spend a lot of money on online marketing. However, if you fail to allocate time to ensure that your site is as usable as possible, visitors will quickly leave, rendering these efforts futile.

A badly maintained site can also have a direct impact on your rankings. In order to determine whether your site is offering a good experience, search engines analyse how people are interacting with your pages – and factors like dropping traffic and a high bounce rate are clear signals that they shouldn’t recommend you.

Whilst there are lots of things that you should be doing on a monthly basis, here are five of the most important tips.